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We typically provide between £1m and £30m of funding to projects. The larger the project, the longer the period of time it may take to raise such funding. Funding is typically a combination of Equity, Debt and structured funding solutions. The majority is usually via structured funding solutions.

Our principal focus is on business with the following attributes:

  • A fast growth sector
  • Businesses where there are significant capital expenditure requirements - either to build out (not buy) significant assets or outsourcing requirements
  • Companies where management have invested material amounts of their own money and whose returns are proposed to be deferred behind outside investors
  • In depth, proven, management track records
  • We will invest pre money, but only in incredibly compelling projects
  • We will invest pre profitability, but a clear and quick route to profit needs to be illustrated
  • We will invest globally, but it is essential that a local, substantial, financing partner participates in a joint venture with us
  • We usually require both Equity and a seat on the Board
  • Certain sectors are naturally of greater interest to us due to our expertise, including: Media, Financial Services, Real Estate, Social Infrastructure, Healthcare, Clean Energy, Transportation

It takes about 6 - 9 months to go from an approach to the delivery of any funding (although in exceptional circumstances this might be different). Our typical offerings require significant due diligence and funding is normally provided over a period of months or years. The company will have to have independent debt and equity access to ensure that it can operate without our funding, as no underwriting of capital is normally given.


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